Monthly Archive for August, 2007

Episode 2: Cocktail Casuals

Gav and Stu welcome Fu to the couch for this week’s episode and cover off the following:

  • Bioshock (link)
  • Guitar Hero III Demo (link)
  • The Complete Seinfeld Collection (link)
  • The IT Crowd (link)
  • Superbad (link)
  • The Cooking Show (link)
  • Kyle Sandilands and the Dave Hughes Army (link 1 , link 2)
  • Plus other ramblings

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Enter The Snowball

blue_microphones_snowball-tripod If you’ve listened to Episode 1 of the hundredpennies podcast you may have noticed that the sound quality was not it’s best.

Enter The Snowball

Hopefully this little bad boy to the left will record our sweet sweet vocals in the fidelity they deserve. Bring on Episode 2!

Episode 1: BPM

The pilot episode of the hundredpennies podcast in all it’s fuzzy static glory.
Stu and Gav take you though whatever floated their boats over the last week including…
- Bioshock
- Colifornication
- The IT Crowd Season 2
- Other random ramblings

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The best is back

It is back need I say more.


We just wrapped up recording the first / last / pilot podcast for

Watch this space…

Wanted: Inverock 05 Photos

Quick shout out to see if anyone has photos from Inverock 05.

I seem to have pictures from 04 and then jump straight to 06. I know Inverock is normally a pretty hardcore drinking fest and loss of memory is a common occurrence but to not have any memories of the whole thing?! ‘cmon!

Are You Superbad?

You may have already seen the ‘censored’ trailer for Superbad either on TV or one of those fuckin annoying advertising plasmas at your local shopping center.


Have you seen the uncensored version that actually makes the movie look great. I was a little concerned at first but after seeing the trailer below I can now be confident that this movie will fuckin rock.

Check it…

ecto3 Alpha

After what has seemed like a long wait ecto3 Alpha has been made public for the world to play with and test.
I’ve been a huge fan of the previous version of ecto and is my mac blogging tool of choice.
Check it out (remember that it’s still in Alpha) and let me know what you think.
clickity click click

It’s Just A Song About Ping Pong

This song makes me want to play ping pong and wear capes and not particularly in that order.

Be Kind Rewind